Week 6 & 7: He is Love

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.
1 John 3:16 NKJV
Last week we experienced rest.  Our time with cousins in San Antonio was full of rest, laughter, and…nothing.  It was awesome!  Nothing like feeling safe, encouraged, and relaxed in the middle of a hectic schedule.  PTL!  Time well spent with the Canavati, Daniel, and Franklin family’s.  Last week was just what we needed to recover from the previous 1.5 months of traveling and to prepare for the home stretch.
God’s timing just seems to be perfect.  I know we experienced that in the accident, in the week we spent in San Antonio, and in the numerous “coincidental” (not coincidence at all!) meetings we have had with people in transition.  Life is difficult and full of transition, but the burden is lighter when we lift each other up.
On Sunday, our burden was made lighter as we visited my childhood church, Southwest Church of the Nazarene.  We shared a brief encouragement and update on our families adventures in Poland, how God is faithful during transition.  Just so happens we arrived on Pastor Amos’s last day!  Talk about God’s timing!  We left blessed with more than we deserve.  Thank you Southwest Family!
Three months ago Michelle and Sindy (our friend from Honduras) conspired to get me to Honduras on a Coffee origin trip.  This past Monday I began an adventure to Honduras, while Michelle sacrificially watched the kids for 4 days in a hotel room (without a pool or car!).  How amazing it was!
I was welcomed to Honduras by new friends Johana and Eduardo who made me feel like family.  As I started to settle in, I discovered that the cash I brought with me (in $20’s) could not be exchanged due to issues with counterfeiting.  Hooray!  But God(!), connected me with the Mountain of Hope missions team in the lobby of our hotel.  It is amazing how God connects His people!
With correct currency and much joy, we met with Osman (co-founder of Aruco) and departed for Corquin to meet the Aruco coffee team.  The Aruco Cooperative has jumped from under 14 farms to over 170 and 1000+ acres in the past 10 years, serving to develop the coffee community of Corquin.  What amazes me is Aruco, Emerga Coffee (friends Sindy and Bojan in Kraków), and myself share the same dream of community around coffee.  We each desire to enrich the lives of the farmers, offer better connections and pay for coffee, and to offer customers a higher quality coffee.  Exciting times are in store for us!
Visiting three farms this visit, it was truly amazing to connect with farmers on a personal level and gain first hand experience life on the farm.  These people work hard to produce this life sustaining crop.  If they produce a good harvest, life continues.  If they are not attentive to their trees, or the deadly “Roya” hits their harvest (Coffee Leaf Rust), families can be decimated financially.  After all, three to four months of harvest provides their income for the year (50% of expenses occur during this time).
I have always talked about wanting to help the farmer, but I never could exactly describe what that would be until now.  Wednesday I was honored to visit the school connected with farmers in Corquin, Jardin De Niños Y Centro Basico Bilingüe.  What I thought was going to be a meeting with the principle…turned out to be  80% of the student body, 50% of the parents, all the teachers, members of the Aruco co-op, and the principle.  A humbling experience to have this much demonstration after the school year ended!  Only their first year in existence and they have the verbal support of the local Catholic Church and the Corquin Government.  Although this has been great, their needs are many.  Much like Loralie and Jack’s school in Poland, their school only serves up to the 2nd Grade.  With each year they will be able to expand, but their temporary provided for location at the local community center only allows for limited growth.This school has a heart for the community of Corquin.  This school has a place in my heart.  I am sure I will be sharing much more in the weeks and months to come as I outline my intentions for ministering to this coffee community through support of this school.
Please keep our family in your prayers for…

  • our travels for the rest of our time Stateside
  • financial peace(praise and prayer!, 30% of monthly budget raised)
  • housing in Poland(believing in God’s promise!)
  • planning of this year and next in Poland

To see photos from my time in Honduras please go here!