Week 11: God is Present (with Love)

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. -1 John 3:16(NJKV)

I awoke Sunday morning with a heavy heart.  I had a vivid dream Michelle and I met a person who felt wronged by us.  The intensity of emotion that swept across her face moved my very soul, so much that I awoke from my dream.

You ever notice how God continues to speak to us, even when we don’t speak to Him?

“It’s a trap.”

God spoke this very clearly and audibly to me.  Perhaps the trap is becoming self-centered (for both of us in the dream!).  This life is not about you(or me), it’s about everyone else (for God’s glory).  To think yourself removed from impacting the world around you would be foolish.  Your decision to be active or passive has already made a participant of this world.  Marriage, Death, Independence, Dependence, Love, Hate, Good, Evil…No matter the emotion, event, moment, action, reaction…we all are a part of this world.

I was (am) comforted, by the fact that God was (is) with me in suffering and in joy.  -Katie King

This last Saturday my good friend Katie reflected on her Father’s death a year ago.  Her reflections were well thought out, honest, and full of truth.  They also reminded me of how we fail(at times) at being the body of Christ.  Too many times people are overlooked, neglected, or forgotten.  Thankfully God remains by our side during these times…it also helps to have a Greg in your life!

My cousin has one of the best tattoo’s in the world.  This simple phrase is etched into arm, copied from his mothers handwriting.

Remember who you belong to Sam.  – Mom
I love to hear the story behind a tattoo.  Aside from the “because it looks cool” responses (usually for a dragon, tribal print, or koi fish), their is always meaning, symbolism, tragedy, an experience, an event, or a milestone reached.  There is (almost) always life behind it.  Hearing Sam’s story is so much more than getting a tattoo, I hear a loving parent pursuing their child.  I also love these words!  It’s not about us, it’s about God.
We travel this week to Pagosa Springs, CO to visit our home church and build relationships with our church family.  We have two weeks and one day left before we board our flight to head home.  The roller coaster of emotions we are experiencing is hard at times.
But I remember who I belong to, remember He (was)is with me (always), and remember it is not about me.

Please be praying

…for our family as we head into the final 2 weeks of our time Stateside.  God has been moving like crazy in our lives.  He has been asserting Himself as our Provider and Protector, making Himself Present.

…as we move back to Poland, our search for a place to live.

…as we open the Sweet Life this fall. (October 1st!)

…as we rest in His peace over our finances. (About 1/3 monthly raised, $1,000/$3,000)