Week 1: He is Faithful

He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.
Brethren, pray for us.
1 Thessalonians 5:24-25
As I read this scripture again this week, I was reminded to keep trusting our ever faithful God.  Paul’s letters are full of this reminder, ringing true to Michelle and I as we embark on creative ministry in a missions environment.  In short, we entrust God with everything.  Our safety, our security, our finances, our direction in life, our business and ministry outreach….everything.  Because in October of 2011, we made a choice to fully surrender our lives to God.  Everything, in God’s hands.
We all made it safe to Portland and have enjoyed catching up with family.  Wednesday we trekked up to Hansville to spend a few days visiting friends in the Seattle and Bremerton area.  We had the opportunity to visit a few shops in the Pikes Place Market, visit the Ballard Locks, and catch up with our friends the Troutmans (thanks for hosting us in your city!).  One coffee shop particularly caught my attention, Storyville.  I love their mentality on coffee shops.  In short:
Lives are stories, and the coffee shop is where people com to share and create them. -unknown barista
This same idea we recognize with Sweet Life!  Our shop will be a place of community, life, and experiences.  We want to enrich the lives of others so we can all enjoy the “Sweet Life.”  Which takes us to our new friends at the Coffee Oasis in Bremerton.  “The Coffee Oasis exists to see the healing of individuals and communities through compassionate youth programs supported by excellent coffee businesses.”
 Our new friend Rocky has been working with Coffee Oasis for over 11 years!  The first time he walked through the doors, Rocky’s was much different.  Having grown up on the streets, Rocky’s life was full drugs, alcohol, and despair.  But God(!) used a barista to bring total transformation and healing.  It’s amazing what an open ear, a connected heart, a positive environment, can do to a persons life.  Rocky now serves the very place that God used to impact his life.  Roasting Coffee, Trainer, Director, Program Developer, Street Team, Pastor, Leader….Many hats a volunteer and servant of God wears!

You see, it is so much more than coffee and food.  Coffee Oasis also runs the 4th largest Youth Shelter in Washington State.  They found the communities need, and met it.  They created an atmosphere where broken people can come and receive light, hope, acceptance.  They can come and receive Jesus.

Because when you treat someone as a human being, lives are transformed.  So much more than coffee and cakes.  It is about community.  It is about people.  It is about leading and inspiring change.  For us, that message of hope comes through the message of Jesus!
Please pray for our family…
…as we travel in these upcoming months!  Great times ahead for sure!
…as we seek to encourage and uplift those we meet with.
…for financial blessing.
…for fulfilling God’s will here and as we return to Poland.
…as we open Sweet Life this fall!