The Honduran Connection

Exciting news!  Last Friday I met with Sindy.  Sindy and her husband, Bojan, work closely with coffee farmers in Honduras.  Their objective is to connect smaller, lower yielding farms with roasters in Europe.  Sindy’s family owns a farm in Honduras and has many close relationships with her neighbors and fellow farmers in her community.  By connecting the farmers in Honduras and the roasters in Europe, these farmers will see more money and gain a wider audience.

Some of you may know my passion for helping people and for coffee.  When I talked with Sindy and Bojan, they picked up on this right away.  We are in the works of creating a partnership from which we can go above and beyond just purchasing coffee from these families in Honduras.

This is how it would work:

Sindy and Bojan  select 3-4 farmers in Honduras.  Each farmer would have an estimated farm yield and their current needs.

These needs could range from home needs(clean water, food allowances, clothing for children, transportation, education, medical needs, etc.) to work needs (clean water to farm, processing needs, broken down equipment repair/replacement, etc.).

I select the farmer and need to be addressed.  Based on this information the coffee would then be pre-sold, share cropped, or donation-based purchase. 

The idea is simple.  We want to support the farmer beyond the purchase of the coffee.   The farmer already is receiving more than they would if they had sold to a middle man, but we don’t want to just invest in the farmer financially.  We want to SUPPORT the farmer.  We want to stand beside them so they know they are apart of a global community that recognizes all they go through in life.  We want to encourage!

We work with an in country roaster who will help roast and package our coffee for distribution.

Great coffee needs a great roaster who wants to make more of an impact than through profits!

We will need help in all parts of this process.  If you think you would like to be a part of this idea moving forward, please let me know!