17 days.  This starts the count down to our return to the United States.   Oh the emotions that are swarming around us: peace, anxiety, frustration, excitement, tears, joy, highs and lows.   But, despite all our emotions, we have hope.  We realize that we are not necessarily returning home, we are leaving it.

Michelle and I both have accepted that we never felt at “home” anywhere.  Mostly where our family lived we have associated with this word.  When we rented our first house we didn’t feel so much that we were leaving our home to live with my sister, but that we were just moving to our next residence.  “Home is where your heart is.”  I offer this Hallmark-esque expression to help you understand why we are returning for a 2 year commitment after the sufficient funds are raised.

After much prayer and petition, we feel at peace about our departure, and our return to and from Krakow.  It is hard to sort through all the emotions, but one thing is sure; God grants Peace.

Here are our prayer requests:

  • Traveling mercies – family of four on almost a coast to coast 5 month-ish adventure.
  • That we would be in the right city at the right time.
  • Arrangement of Churches, Small Groups, and Coffee Nights
  • Able to share our testimony to as many people as possible
  • God would grant us a team to send to Poland, to volunteer for 1-2 year commitments
  • For our friends, connections, the Coffee Shop in Poland while we are gone
  • The right resources would be made available as we are traveling for roughly 5 months:  Transportation, Food, Housing, Money, Networking
  • Peace, Patience, timing, when to say yes/no, guidance, and direction

We will be posting more about our needs, both short term in the States and long term for our 2 year return to Poland in the upcoming weeks and months.