So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.

Acts 12:5

I read this as apart of my daily reading of scripture and was encouraged.  God hears the cry of our heart, He listens, and He acts.  I am so thankful to be filled with the JOY of the Spirit!  To know that I serve an active God who cares puts meaning to my life.  And on a side note…if you read on, Peter walks right out of prison.

My family has been through tough times, and Jack has been used as the focal point for many spiritual attacks.  Jack has had a dislocated wrist three times, burned his arm badly enough for a hospital stay, and last night face planted and cut the inside of his upper lip.  We were discouraged multiple times during this 4 month stretch.

BUT God(!), made His presence known.  Through email, phone calls, skype calls, scripture, and the presence of an awesome friend network in Poland, made HIS presence known!  God revealed to us how big HE is.  We had prayers coming in from every continent, every time zone, from everywhere.  God heard our prayers and He answered.

We only needed to visit the hospital once, we were able to minister to others in the hospital, God answered our Prayers of healing each time.  Twice doctors looked at Jack’s arm in shock to find the burn to look better than expected.  He even didn’t need additional specialized wraps after his exit from the hospital!  And even if He hadn’t answered with a Yes, we would still praise His name.  For God acts in ways that makes sense to Him.  God has authority in and over my family’s life.  I don’t know why we go through these hardships in life, but I know that I have never felt closer to HIM. 

Prayer is the communication between the DIVINE and the undeserving.

Prayer is real communion with our SAVIOR.

Prayer is a way to engage the Community of the Global Church.

Please do not take prayer for granted.  Engage the most high in intimate times of worship.  Pursue active communication with your Heavenly Father.