Sometimes, no matter how many times you read through your own writings, you say something that is misunderstood…whoops!  Thankfully this was caught quickly!

When we spoke last about our need, it looked like we were needing both one time and monthly support increase.

We need one time gifts to total $14,000.


We need monthly gifts to increase by $2,300 per month.

OR (most likely to happen)

We need a combination of one time gifts and monthly increased giving to total $14,000 to stay for 6 months.

This looks much more reasonable and doable…even more than the last purposed support listing!  We are so appreciative of the support we have received and those that have stepped up in big ways.  God is using your financial blessing to expand the work and ministry done here in Krakow, Poland.  We thank you for believing in us, our calling, and supporting our family in this adventure.

If you feel lead to give, please go to our Church of the Nazarene donation page here (this donation is tax deductible):

We love and are thankful for you all!