Complexities of our Faith

To be a follower of Christ is a super complex statement of faith.  Logical, rational ways of thinking no longer the normal. We have to subscribe to a new thought process.  Sure, common sense is important but not King in our lives.  Nothing about my family’s life these past few months has been common, nor has it followed logical or rational ways of thinking.  We have pursued a higher calling on our lives. We have pursued the Holy Spirit’s leading of our lives.  God’s call on each of our lives is unique, apart from the collective call to pursue Him.

How do you follow Dave Ramsey’s road to Financial Peace when you don’t have an income?  How do you prepare your future when you are called to live in the present?  There are a few things that hit me in the last few months that have helped me understand God has a bigger plan for my life than I could have ever dreamed:

  • Financial Planning without an Income is difficult; but not impossible…just not spreadsheet friendly.
  • 5 year – 10 year plans are difficult to establish when you are being lead by the Spirit to live in today; we must live for Him today, before we can live for Him tomorrow.
  • We have endured crazy hardships in the last few months;  we were not the first, nor the last to experience hardship:  Acts 14:22

God allows us to experience hardships in life to strengthen us.  Our trials and hardships give us a greater testimony to the Hope of Christ.  God carries many hats as our provider, our healer, our friend, our father, our redeemer.

My family is coming up on 5 full months in Krakow, Poland.  I wouldn’t trade the last two years for any other experience.  The lessons in life, the comprehension of  the complexities of my faith in Jesus, the commitment to trust, pray, and believe in the one true God.  I am who I am today, because of what I have learned in the past.  I talked with Bob and Colleen Skinner two weeks ago about how I am who I am and that is why God called me.  Bob agreed, but continued to say that we are continually being molded by God into the creation He wants us to be.  The idea that we are continually being renewed, remade, and crafted into God’s beautiful design daily, reminds me that we are not a finished product.

I am thankful for a God who is actively seeking us, actively engaging us, actively dwelling with His creation.