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With our return to the States, I have had a lot of time to process this last year.  Man, God is good!  I have come to understand the joy, the struggle, the challenge, the fulfillment of completely surrendering my life, my family’s livelihood, and my fears, hopes and dreams to God.

I want to thank everyone that has supported us over this past year.  Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  By praying, giving financial support, and being hospitable and opening your homes to us, you have helped provide for our family.  I think that often we forget that everyday we live our lives for Christ.  By living our lives for Christ every day, we become the instruments of his provision.  From the simple smile to a complete stranger, helping friends move, supporting a charity, serving the homeless, supporting missionaries around the World, you are actively engaging the communal mission of being a follower of Christ.  Thank you!

We will be in the states till December of this year.  We plan to raise support for a 2-year commitment with Mission Corps, serving the Sweet Surrender Coffee Shop ministry in Krakow, Poland.  This is going to be a big step of faith, since we wont be working or receiving an income during this time.  Please pray for us during this time that support will arrive when we need it.

If you would like to contribute financially to us we have two ways online or by check

The check should be made out to “General Treasurer, Church of the Nazarene” and marked for “Poland – Graves, Brad – Mission Corps”.  All checks can be sent to:
Church of the Nazarene
Global Treasury Services
PO Box 843116
Kansas City, MO  64184

Online giving through:

Mission Corps (Tax Deductible):

or to our Personal Account with PayPal:  By selecting the Donate button on our webpage

To give you an idea of how far your support financially can go, here is a short list:

         1 year        2 years
$5/month $60 $120
$10/month $120 $240
$20/month $240 $480
$50/month $600 $1,200
$100/month $1,200 $2,400


Other ways to support us financially:

  • Target, Gas, Food Gift Cards – to provide for our family’s food, travel, diapers/baby products or day-to-day needs
  • For specific items we have created a wish list on amazon:

We also have prayer requests:

Pray for…

  • Peace
  • Wisdom
  • Direction
  • Meeting potential new volunteers to serve in Poland at both our sites (Krakow and Poznan)
  • Financial provision: We do not plan on holding traditional jobs due to the amount of traveling we plan on doing
  • Being at the right place at the right time
  • Sweet Surrender Coffee Shops(Poznan and Krakow): For volunteers currently serving, growth, and for us to be present in our communities


Traveling Mercies…

  • Flights to our varying destinations, return flight to Poland
  • Vehicles to shuttle a family of four and safety during our travels
  • Housing while we travel to all the various regions


Open doors…

  • Traditional Services
  • Mission Nights
  • Small Groups
  • Coffee Nights