Chapter 48: Stand

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Ephesians 6:13

Have you ever felt God was preparing you for something and then asked you to be patient and wait?  That feeling when you just finished putting on the armor of God, like a mighty warrior, and then being asked to stand and let God show up and take care of it.  Michelle and I have been praying through some difficult situations in our lives.  We seem to keep putting on the armor of God ready to make a move, and then he doesn’t give the direction or leading that we were expecting.

Last week God gave Michelle the words “Jehovah Perazim.”  After some quick research she found it to mean “The God of Breakthrough.”  How fitting to hear confirmation of what our prayer partners and the scriptures have been saying all along;  He is the God of breakthrough.  Sometimes we just need to focus ourselves on God, putting on His armor as described in Ephesians 6, and allowing Him to fight for us.

Loralie and Jack are doing great in school.  It is a big adjustment from last year, but it is exciting to see them excited about school.  Every day they come home eager to share about what they have learned.  Dottie is getting so big!  It is crazy to imagine we are a family of FIVE and that Dottie just turned EIGHT months old!  She is babbling away, able to sit up on her own, and is starting to do the electric slide (meaning she can slide backwards but can’t crawl forwards).  It wont be long before she is on the move, which will change everything!

This next week is a big step forward in our Honduras Coffee connection.  On October, 20th we will be performing the final cupping (I hope!).  A cupping is a method of brewing coffee to understand the aromas and flavors associated with a specific coffee.  It is commonly used by roasters to identify which coffee has the greatest potential or to identify if a coffee has defects.  Pray for wisdom and clarity to identify which coffee we will choose to source for our new Espresso.  This will allow Sweet Life to connect with a farming community in Honduras. It has been a long time coming, but we are almost there!

This month is going to be slightly busy with work and ministry.  Michelle is becoming more involved with the 7x Gospel workshops that our friends are coordinating and with the local anti-human trafficking group.  As we mentioned before, Gospel music is big in Poland.  In Kraków alone there are over four large groups meeting around Gospel music.  Not everyone who sings Gospel music is a believer, so this is an awesome opportunity to share with these groups, and the many participants of the workshops, about God (the one whom they are singing about!).

In this last month God has continued to identify what I am most passionate about and what is most important to me.  My goals are to develop my coffee knowledge and grow further in the areas of Cupping and Sensory development, Brewing technique, and learn the art of roasting.

A few forward thinking dreams I have would be to complete qualifications to become a Judge and cupping specialist.  I would also like to compete in regional cupping or brewing competitions this upcoming year.  I competed in the 2014 AeroPress competition and it was such an amazing experience and networking opportunity.

Lastly, on the conversation of dreaming! We were given an entire coffee shop worth of merchandise from an acquaintance last year. I am not sure if you know what this means so let me give you some details! There is a 1.5 Kilogram coffee roaster, grinders, espresso machines, green coffee, cups, plates. All things we could add to our inventory at Sweet Life as well as offer a more sustainable and cost effective use for coffee that we purchase from Honduras and the like. If we had the roaster I would take a year or two (or however long it would take me) to learn the expertise that is roasting good quality coffee.

Like I said, this is all dreaming and forward thinking! While we have investors at Sweet Life we consider YOU our investors! You have prayed alongside us for the better of four years as well as encouraged us, blessed us financially and some of you have even come to visit and see what we are doing here!



Please continue to keep us in your prayers:

-Pray for Sweet Life: God’s will, presence and movement would be clear and evident.

-Pray for our kids as they adjust to new school routines and the next step in their education in First Grade(Loralie) and Kindergarten(Jack).

-Michelle has become involved in an anti-human trafficking group here in Krakow. There are several events she is working on being involved in, however we have limited time to invest so we need to make our time count.

-The Women’s prayer group Michelle is involved in. Building women up, speaking prophetic encouragement and loving those involved through relationship with our Father God.