Chapter 47: PDX Wedding

Peace to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

Ephesians 6:23-24

Hello friends and family!

We want to start with the exciting news! We are anxiously awaiting the arriving of Brad’s parents at the end of this next week. Jack and Loralie have not seen Grandma and Grandpa Graves in over a year, while Dottie has not met them at all. We are all so excited! Also, in less than TWO short weeks Michelle’s twin sister is getting married! Brad’s parents will be watching Jack and Loralie while Brad, Michelle and Dottie travel to the USA.  We know that this is something we need to be there for as Brad will be officiating the ceremony (we love the Sautter family!) and could use as a short time of refocus. To date we have received $1500 of the $2500 needed!! Amazing!!  Michelle and I are truly humbled at how God has used so many people to help us make this trip turn into reality.

This month Loralie began First Grade.  She has done really well and is making new friends!  Any questions or hesitations of whether or not she  (we) were ready for her moving up have been answered….and she is ready and so are we! After Loralie’s first day of school she was invited back to her close friend’s house for an hour of fun. This filled Loralie’s love tank to the brim! Aside from that we have made many new connections with parents and hope that can grow some deeper relationships from them.  So amazed at how grown up she is!

The school decided to reformat it’s Preschool which means that Jack is now in the older group of two Kindergarten classes.  Jack is in Kindergarten!  Wow!  We cannot believe Jack is in Kindergarten!!! He is growing up so quickly, he could not even walk before we arrived in Poland.  His character and personality are really starting to shape up as he is a doting big brother both offering cuddles and a constant smile for his little sister. Also, Jack even decided that he was done with his nighttime pull-up!  So we have almost gone a full month with no diapers and no accidents!

Dottie is a constant source of Joy.  Her smile has the ability to help ease the pains and hard work of somewhat owning our own business.  She has started to eat more solid foods and has begun teething.  She even started to rock back and forth during tummy time….which means its only a matter of time before she’s crawling around.  At the rate she is babbling, she may be talking in no time!

We have made great progress on sourcing coffee from Honduras this last week after a cupping with local friends at their roaster. I believe we have one more sampling of coffee and then we will move forward on purchasing coffee directly from a farm.  It is really exciting to be able to see a dream of connecting the communities of farm and shop!  More news to come!

Please keep us in your prayers:

-Pray for Sweet Life: God’s will, presence and movement would be clear and evident.

-Pray for our kids as they adjust to new school routines and the next step in their education in First Grade(Loralie) and Kindergarten(Jack).

-Pray for our trip back to the states, for financial provision and work to run smoothly in our absence.

-We are getting ready to hit the ground running as October begins a busier season for us, and Krakow, in general.

-Michelle has become involved in an anti-human trafficking group here in Krakow. There are several events she is working on being involved in, however we have limited time to invest so we need to make our time count.

-The Women’s prayer group Michelle is involved in. Building women up, speaking prophetic encouragement and loving those involved through relationship with our Father God.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us a note to say you are praying for us and our family! The letters, comments, emails and phone calls has meant so much to us. We truly love you and thank God for such faithful friends and supporters! We would not be here without you and when we see a victory or experience immense blessing we have to thank YOU as well.


Please let us know how we can pray for you. As we have always said, we pray for you!


Also, if there is information you wish to know more about or if you want to know more specifically what we are doing here in Krakow, email us back and join our family! We are on this journey with you!


Brad, Michelle, Loralie, Jack and Dottie Graves


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