Chapter 44: Child of God

I will be a father to you; And you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.

2 Corinthians 6:18

What a good Father we have.  Through Christ we have been adopted into the Family of God.  So much can be drawn from having God as our Father and being His children!  With God being our Father, we know he is present and available, His love will be unconditional, He is safe and protective, and that we are held accountable for our actions with a healthy dose of forgiveness!  As His Children we find peace, acceptance, unity, purpose, and a renewed identity in our inheritance into this royal family.

Our identity has been renewed through our adoption into the family of God!  We now belong to Him, as His children.

These last two months we have been busy with a new business and adjusting to a family of 5.  Dottie is growing up so fast!  Seems like yesterday we were at the hospital welcoming a new member to the family.  Today Dottie is filling in her 6-9 month clothes!  Once so fragile and tiny, she is now almost 4 months old and sharing joy with all she meets.  What a sweet, peaceful girl.

I was reminded that just a few days ago, June 3, marked 1 year since our major car accident.  Michelle reminds me of this truth,

“Some days/weeks/months I forget the most important thing in life is to be completely loved by God. Today marks a year, exactly, when Brad, our beautiful three babes I were in a terrible car wreck. We should have died it was that horrible. But for some reason Father saw that it would be good to be alive for the next several years. Either way…I am holding Dottie in my arms and thanking God that we survived. She wouldn’t be here and the world sure has become even more lovely with her in it.”

Sweet Life is also continuing to grow.  We are still the “new kids on the block” and we are still having growing pains.  But God is good and the blessing of being right where He wants us to be is where we receive peace and joy from.  We are excited to head into the summer months where we can enjoy some warmer weather and even colder drinks!

But make no mistake.

Make no assumptions.

Just because you are right where God wants you to be, it does not mean that life will be easy.  These last two months have been very difficult with increased work loads at Sweet Life and the increasing demands of a 4 month old (and 2 older kids vying for attention).  When you are in pursuit of God, Satan pushes back.

Tempers can rise, conversations can escalate, and the little things that bother you pile up and can cause division.  Satan uses things take our focus off of Christ and shifting our priorities out of alignment.  The great deceiver tries to dethrone the Great Redeemer.  Our identity comes from Christ, not our circumstances.  This truth has kept our family together and our business team intact.

We continue moving forward trusting God with our family and our business.  As I said last time, when God has given a call in our lives, He is faithful.  We would love to have you join us in prayer during this journey.  So as you lift our family up, please continue to pray for:
…for balancing work, life and ministry in our lives.
…for our three children to continue to adjust to the constant changes that being a missionary kid presents
…for Michelle and I to continue to grow and strengthen our relationship. (and our roots in Christ!)
…for Sweet Life.  That we would be constantly in pursuit of God’s will for our business and ministry.  Also for the upcoming months as we make some big decisions for the business.  That God’s peace would flood us and he would bring revelation and wisdom to the leadership.
…for the relationships and people God has placed in our lives.  That we would be a witness to them in all things and that God would bless our time with others.
…for our coffee partnerships and our quest to connect with our Honduras friends through our Polish friends.
…for wisdom and direction on buying a house or renting the apartment.
…for wisdom and direction on if to, how to, and what type of car to buy.
With much love from Poland,
The Graves Family
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