Chapter 43: The Known God

For as I was passing through and considering the objects of your worship, I even found an altar with this inscription:
Acts 17:23 NKJV
As I reread through Acts, I am fascinated by how God moves.  Through opposition, trials, open doors and struggles we see God move.  Just when it seems an obstacle is too big, opposition too strong or a people unreachable. God moves.  I am so thankful that we know why we have hope, joy, love and forgiveness.  It is because we don’t serve an unknown god, we serve the Living God who makes himself known!
We believe God has given us some big dreams for these next few years and we would like to share them with you!
We are going to begin the search for a vehicle.  In case you didn’t know, transporting five people is no easy feat.  Every morning and afternoon we take the kids to and from school, we have to rely on an unreliable bus route.  We can find ourselves spending three hours on transporting the kids….each day.  The time we will save with a vehicle would be invaluable.  Not to mention if we wanted to go on a family trip out of town or country, we could for a fraction of the price!  Airfare for 2 adults, 2 kids, and a lap baby is not cheap…even with discount airlines!  We are hoping to find something with 3 rows like a Grand Voyager or something similar.
We are in search of a house.  The Apartment we are in is perfect for this time, but we know in the future we would like to have a house with a yard and a garage or shed.  We love to open our home to others and flex our hospitality muscles.  We would love to open the door and have the kids immediately run down into a yard…not down 4 flights of stairs, down the street, across the busy road and then another 1/2 mile to the park.  We would love to lower our monthly payments for rent, and turn that into monthly investments into our property.
We have a coffee roaster (1kg capacity), 100kg of green coffee, 2 espresso machines, 2 coffee grinders, a cafe worth of equipment (cups, saucers, etc.) and much more that is ours (and Sweet Life’s).  The problem is, it is sitting in Romania.  Romania is not close to where we live by any means, but for 850Euro, or $1000, we can have it packed and shipped to us.  This is an amazing offer, however we do not have the finances to make it happen.
Our plan is to trust God for the dreams we have been given.  This crazy adventure we have been on for the past four years and proven that when God has given a call in our lives, He is faithful.  We would love to have you join us in prayer during this journey.  So as you lift our family up, please continue to pray for:
…for wisdom, peace, and joy in our new family dynamic.
…for our three children to continue to adjust to the constant changes that being a missionary kid presents
…for Michelle and I to continue to grow and strengthen our relationship. (and our roots in Christ!)
…for Sweet Life.  That we would be constantly in pursuit of God’s will for our business and ministry
…for the relationships and people God has placed in our lives.  That we would be a witness to them in all things and that God would bless our time with others.
…for our coffee partnerships and our quest to connect with our Honduras friends through our Polish friends
With much love from Poland,
The Graves Family