Chapter 40: A New Year, A renewed heart

Keep your heart with all diligence,
For out of it spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4: 23 NKJV
As I listen to fireworks booming as Poles start the celebration early, I am reminded of all that has happened in this past year.  We began this year a 15 minute walk from the city center, transitioning from working as volunteers with the Church of the Nazarene to missionaries from a single sending church, Centerpoint, in Pagosa Springs, CO.  We had rowdy neighbors, little sleep, and seemingly the great unknown before us.  Within three months we connected with friends to form the idea of an American Bakery and Specialty Coffee Bar, Sweet Life. We went from “one day…” to searching for our location.  We traveled back to the States for three months where our lives seemed to not stop moving.  Connecting with plenty of new and old friends over 9 states, drove over 15,000 miles, left a major car accident completely injury free, found out Michelle was pregnant, traveled to Honduras to visit coffee farms, and went to a sister’s wedding.  We returned to Poland to find the perfect apartment within 2 weeks of searching, have no problems with neighbors, found the best doctor for Michelle, found the right location for Sweet Life, renovated the once furniture shop into a full production bakery and specialty coffee shop, and hired staff.
All of this happened in 365 days.  In all this time, as we learned to press in to God, He never failed us once.  We are all alive, healthy, and have our needs met.
In the times we had an abundance, God was there.
In the times we had need, God was there.
Let’s not forget that when we received the Doctor’s bill for Michelle’s check up stateside, of which we did not have the +$2,000 to cover, it was completely covered by the hospital!  Or when we were in the accident and had a $1,800 car rental bill, which only 2 days after the accident was paid in full by a donor who just felt lead by God to give that amount.  God reminded me that no matter what circumstance we are going through, He knows and cares about it and us!  Don’t ever forget that our God is greater, and is the ultimate problem solver!  We may not know how our prayer will be answered, but He does answer them.
We must press into God in order to be filled with complete Peace.  After all, Christ was sent to bring peace to all of us.  All of us.
Please join us in prayer…
…as we have an official opening for the shop on January 7th, 2016!
…as we anticipate the addition of Dorothy to our families number.
…as Michelle and I intentionally seek out time during the change of a growing family and starting a business (intentional time = stronger marriage).
…as we discuss a potential trip back to the states this upcoming year (financially, logistically, time frame).
…as we seek God’s will for Sweet Life and follow it with reckless abandon!
I have said this before, I’ll say it again.  God is our provider and our protector. 
Happy New Year!