Chapter 38: Turn to Jesus

Jesus said to her, “Mary!”
She turned and said to Him, “Rabboni!” (which is to say, Teacher).
John 20:16 NKJV
Sometimes Jesus needs us to turn back.  This past month I have had many moments, too many to be honest, where I lost my priorities.  Each time, God would kindly call my name out and pull me back to Him (reality).  Time and time again I was reminded of God’s movement in our family’s life, in the establishing of Sweet Life, and our call to Poland.  He is Faithful.  He is Present.  What a good Father we serve.
This past month was very difficult financially for our family.  Being in another country trying to start up a business can be very stressful, and adding financial strain to it, doesn’t make this easier.  But I was reminded of why we are here and was called to return my gaze to Him (as usual through my amazing wife).  Michelle reminded me that there are facts in this life, but just because they are facts does not mean that it is God’s truth.  A very important distinction; facts don’t always equal truth.  Please continue to pray for peace, especially with finances.  This is something I continue to learn how to surrender to Christ.
We have received the official approval from the Health Department on our location!  This means we can complete the negotiations on the property and sign a lease for Sweet Life!  We are getting so close!  Remodel should begin this week.  Praise the Lord!  Sometimes life doesn’t happen exactly how we would like, especially not in our timing.  But God!  His timing is perfect.  As we get closer to our open date we will post updates!  We are looking to raise some additional money for furniture, if you would like to help support this we have a crowd funding campaign where you can join our cause here:
Praise the Lord!  The kids schooling is going very well!  Jack has improved 100% and is now receiving praise and not concern for his behavior.  This was a huge answer to prayer as he adjusted to a new environment.  Loralie was given an awesome compliment this past week.  The Polish teacher said Loralie is able to communicate with the Polish speaking children and teacher with no problems.  She was very impressed, as are we!  We pray that God would continue to open doors at this school for our children, and for ministry opportunities with their parents and the teachers.
Michelle has been helping with, and participating in, the 7x Gospel workshops that are taking place here in Kraków.  Every year our good friends the Adams help host this Gospel event.  As we mentioned before, Gospel music is very popular with Poles.  Regardless of their beliefs this Soul lead music is drawing numbers.  Michelle will be participating in the “Hands of Worship” sign language part of the Gospel Festival.  Pray that at tonight’s final concert that God would make His presence known.  May the Holy Spirit rest on those leading and participating.
Have we mentioned that Michelle’s pregnant?  Did we mention its a girl?  Hizzah!  It seems Jack and I will be outnumbered (did we ever have the numbers?).  Pray for peace, strength, Michelle in the months to come, for the delivery, and our family as our baby girl grows.
Speaking of baby, we have managed to purchase or ascertain most of the necessities that come with a baby. We forgot how tiny the clothing is and how fun it is to have such a small human in our midst! Jack and Loralie are adjusting to the idea of life with another little one in the family. We are thrilled, nervous and anxious for little girl’s arrival.
We are also trying to gain support for some children of the school I visited in Honduras.  We are partnering with our friends there to help support a child (or three!).  We need to raise another $270 for the first year for the first child.  More information can be found here:
We want to thank each and every one of you who has supported us over the last 3 years.  God has moved in our family’s life in some pretty crazy ways.  Our adventure has been amazing ,crazy, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  You all have been present in our family’s life, you have shared life with us.  Thank you.
We pray that God would bless you and yours.
Much love!
The Graves Family
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