Chapter 37: Progress!

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”
John 8:12
I love that when Christ is in us, it is clear to all those around.  Some don’t know how to describe this, but we know it is the light in this dark world.  May we all be filled with the Holy Spirit, full of hope, love, and peace.
This past month has been crazy!  On the first of September we dropped our kids off at their new school. New teachers, with new friends.  This month has been exhausting, overwhelming, and difficult.  But God grants us peace, mercy, strength and joy!  Jack is taking longer to adjust than Loralie, but they are enjoying school!  The teachers are wonderful and we are encouraged that their education is safely in loving hands.
As the kids adjust to school, I adjust back to work.  Sweet Life is making huge strides in progress and it looks like we will be opening next month!  We still have some major hurdles to cross, but we officially launched our crowdfunding project here:
This is a way of inviting people to partner with us in this social media driven world we live in.  It is a great way to build community around Sweet Life before we even open the doors!  Feel free to visit the site and join us.
Sweet Life is going to be super unique to Kraków and Poland.  It is not just a business but a ministry.  We are fully backed by Polish Christians who are 100% on board with us operating in this duality.  We understand the struggle to balance both business and ministry, but we believe that when we succeed at business it will influence our ministry; and vice versa.  On top of this, we will be giving 10% back to our community.  We don’t want to just be known for cupcakes or coffee, we want to be known for the one who sent us!  Christ is our foundation and we look forward to making Him known!
Michelle helped launch a women’s bible study that is going really well!  We are super excited to see how God uses this to open doors.  She is so amazing and I am thankful for her daily.  She is working really hard despite the difficulties associated with pregnancy!
Be praying for our family…
…as we make preparations to open Sweet Life
…for peace as we adjust our lives with Baby #3 and opening the shop
…for work/life/ministry balance, that we always turn to God first!
…for the pregnancy, delivery, healthy baby, etc.