Please Pray!

To all our friends and prayer supporters!

Tonight, Monday and Wednesday are some pretty major days!

Tonight at 8pm we begin filming for our KickStarter video.  We ask that you lift up tonight in prayer and intercede on our behalf.  May all be healthy, peace filled, and vessels for God to use.  May God bless our time and those who come out in support.

Monday we view a property that has come into our sights for a potential location.  It is well placed, spacious, and has a beautiful garden.  May God close or open doors, grant us wisdom and revelation.

Wednesday we have a potential investors meeting.  May God grant us peace, wisdom and discernment.  May His will be done.

As we continue to lift this business and ministry up to God and place it in His capable hands.  May he guide and direct us each and every day, using this Bakery and Coffee Shop to His will.

Much appreciation and Love from the Graves Family!

(remember to send us your prayer requests too!)

Chapter 35: Living the Sweet Life

But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us

Ephesians 2:4

What a powerful message of who God is!  Despite who we were, what we have done in our past, or where we have failed others (even God), there is the beautiful words of “But God!”  Despite this…God has mercy.  Regardless of this…God loves us.  Wow!  Love this!  Completely resting in the peace that Christ came because there is nothing we can do to earn this.  By Faith in this God, in this Christ, we are saved by His love and mercy.  Thank you Jesus!

It is official!  This past Wednesday we signed the legal documents to create our LLC here in Poland.  This fall we will open Sweet Life, an American Bakery and Specialty Coffee Bar.  At the beginning of this year we started meeting, sharing our thoughts and passions that God has placed in our lives.  We (Michelle and I) are very excited to be working closely with the Adams family (you may remember them as our lifeline since we came to Poland) and the Hybel family (the Baker behind Cupcake Corner here in Kraków).  From this first gathering it was clear that God had brought us together filling our meetings with peace, unity and direction.  God has given us an awesome vision for this unique business to minister to the city of Kraków!  Stay tuned for more information and our Kickstarter this summer!

Our Summer Stateside plans are packed, and start in only 2 weeks!  Wow!  Time is flying!  We can’t wait to return to share our testimony, meet new people, catch up with friends and family, and enjoy delicious coffee.  We would love to connect with you when we return stateside, please let us know if you are interested!  You can go here to see where we are going to be and when.

Honduras is happening!  When we are in Houston, I am going to take a trip down to Honduras to meet the farmers of our proposed coffee connection.  I will get the chance to cup their coffees, meet the farmers, and select our purchase.  We are unsure if we will be able to purchase coffee this year or will be selecting for our purchase for early 2016.  Either way, God is opening doors!  I also will be able to discuss needs with the grassroots school program for children of the farmers.  I will figure out how Origin Coffee and Sweet Life can partner with this program and better embrace this community.

As we mentioned before, we are planning to relocate within Kraków closer to Jack and Loralie’s new school.  What an exciting time this is!  Moving closer to the school will allow us to better interact with their fellow students and the families that attend.  The ministry opportunities are limitless with this move, we are really excited!

Unfortunately, we must return our possessions that were purchased during our time as volunteers with the Church of the Nazarene.  This means all our sheets, pots, pans, furniture, blankets, bookshelves, printer…well, pretty much everything but clothes will need to be returned to the Church.  We need to raise $x,xxx to re-purchase these items.  Please consider joining our family with financial support.  If you have ever relocated or had to start fresh, you know the joy and pain of this experience.  Please join our family in prayer as we relocate!

Thank you for your prayers!  Our big Palm Sunday service went wonderfully.  God blessed this time and anointed Michelle and Rhonda in opening with worship.  It was a great opportunity to worship Jesus with such a diverse group of believers.  Can’t wait to get back from our trip to start small groups this fall.  God is on the move!

Please join my family in prayer as we seek to pursue big dreams for God:

  • As we establish Sweet Life here in Kraków
  • As we look for our future home and the finances to purchase needed items
  • As we select a coffee and farm to purchase from in Honduras
  • As we open our home: to the kids friends, families, short and long term guests and future small groups
  • As we return to the States May 1 – August 5
  • As we connect with people in our community


If God has given you big dreams, we would love to join you in prayer!  Send us an email at


If you feel lead to partner with us financially you have two options:

Make checks (or cash) payable to: “Centerpoint Church”
In the notes say it is for: “mission to Poland”
Send to:
Centerpoint Church (Attn: Erica Shamburg)
2750 Cornerstone Dr
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
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