Summer Plans

First off:  Quick prayer request.  The church that Michelle and I are currently working with (co-planted/co-leading/etc)  are having a big Palm Sunday gathering!  (check it out here!)  Michelle will be leading the worship team before the gospel choir preforms.  We expect a LOT of people.  Pray for Calm nerves, peace-filled hearts, and glory to God!


Our summer plan is as follows:

May 1-30 Portland, Oregon
May 30 Portland – Yreka – Redding, CA
May 31 Redding – San Fran – Santa Cruz
June 1  Santa Cruz – Lompoc
June 1-3 Lompoc
June 3 Lompoc – Yuma, NM
June 3-6 Yuma
June 6-8 Phoenix
June 9 Carlsbad
June 10-12 San Antonio
June 13 Houston
June 14 Southwest Naz
June 21 Lake Houston Naz
June 22 Humble – College Station – Waco
June 23-27 Waco – Arlington – Community Restoration (27th evening service)
June 28 Gainsville (?)
June 29-July 20 OKC, Tulsa, OK area
July 20- August 6 Pagosa Springs, CO
As you can see…BUSY!  We are super excited to share our story, encourage others, and build relationships.  If you want to see us during this time (please let us know) we would love to connect!  Also, please pray!  This time is going to be a little hectic, but we know that God will bless this trip.
Honduras – I have been invited to see the coffee farm that we will be purchasing a harvest from.  Super exciting!  I have always dreamed of going to “origin” and visiting a coffee farm, especially one that I will enjoy the coffee from!  This will be a time to build relationships with our Honduras contacts, the farmers and their families, and to learn.  This will not just be beneficial for our coffee sourcing, but also for our coffee shop.  Pray that God would bless this time, the finances to cover the cost of the trip, and to provide a camera with video capabilities to document this trip.  I would love to be able to share people’s stories!  If you would like to partner to make this happen, let us know!
Our God is THE master planner.  So thankful for this truth!
For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.
 Jeremiah 29:11

Chapter 34: Dreams

Please hear this dream which I have dreamed…
Genesis 37:6

Has God ever given you a radical dream to dream?  I remember sitting in Dr. Samples Intro to Ministry class in college and hearing him preach about dreaming big dreams for God.  I am always amazed at how God speaks through people in our lives to mold our future; how one thought sticks with us through the years.  I thought I might share some more details on our families dreams:

God gave me a dream in Middle School about starting my own cafe.  Though it has evolved from a video gaming cafe to a coffee shop, the core remains the same: Community.  We are in the works to open a Cafe here in Kraków with our friends mentioned in the last newsletter.  More details are to follow, but God has some crazy awesome plans in store.  We want to create and foster community.

God gave Michelle a passion for people, giving, and, more specifically, Hospitality.  God has given our family a dream of owning a house in Poland so we can better serve others with space for a play room for the kids and their friends, space to host guests for both the short and long term, and space for small groups and other gatherings to take place on a regular basis.  We recently had four girls over for a sleep over party, it was a blast and hope that many more are to come!

God has given us a dream to connect Coffee communities from Bean to Cup.  We are slightly delayed in our purchase, but we will soon select the coffee and farm.  We plan to send additional support to the farmer to help meet a need in their family or in the local community.  We are truly blessed with the people who  are making this happen.  Thank you Glen, Sindy and Bojan!  One day it would wonderful to roast this coffee myself, but I know that baby steps are in order.

Some of these dreams may seem crazy, farfetched, or unrealistic.  That is also what I said!  But God, who works in crazy, farfetched, and unrealistic ways, responded.  Sarah, our friend living with us, allowed God to speak through her, “Sounds crazy, like when God provided a babysitter for your training day, renters for your house, a buyer for your car, money for you to come to Poland, friends and family in Poland, free miles to fly to and from the States 4 times, a buyer for your house…”  I got the point.  There is no dream too big for God, especially when it is God breathed.

We place limitations on a limitless creator, limiting dreams to become manageable. 

I think it is time I stopped getting in the way of God and embracing the path He has set before my family.  After all, it is not by our strength, our means, or our ability, but God’s.  God supplies our strength.  God is our provider, financially and otherwise.  After all,

He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.

-1 Thessalonians 5:24

Please join my family in prayer as we seek to pursue big dreams for God:

  • As we establish a cafe here in Kraków
  • As we look for our future home and the finances to purchase
  • As we select a coffee and farm to purchase from in Honduras
  • As we open our home :to the kids friends, families, short and long term guests and future small groups
  • As we return to the States May 1 – August 6
  • As we connect with people in our community


If God has given you big dreams, we would love to join you in prayer!  Send us an email at


If you feel lead to partner with us financially you have two options:

Make checks (or cash) payable to: “Centerpoint Church”
In the notes say it is for: “mission to Poland”
Send to:
Centerpoint Church (Attn: Erica Shamburg)
2750 Cornerstone Dr
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
(This is Tax-Deductible)
you can visit our blog at and donate through PayPal (not tax-deductible)


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