Chapter 17: Satisfaction

All that I am is dry bones
Without You Lord, a desert soul
I am broken but running
Towards You God, You make me whole

You are exactly what we need
Only You can satisfy


Desert Soul

Rend Collective Experiment


God is exactly what we need, and He is our provider!  Here is what you may have missed in the last month:


Total raised to date:  $36,000

Year total for our monthly donors:  $4,000

Two year goal: $80,000

Amount, pledged and raised (2-years):  $44,000

Amount needed to be 100%:  $36,000


As you may know, these numbers have increase significantly since our last newsletter!  Praise God!  It amazes us that He continues to teach humility, patience, and trust in all aspects of our lives; He truly is our provider!


To add icing to the cake, we were gifted the miles to fly out to Krakow from OKC!  Such a huge blessing from some great people!  God is working on some great wonders, how humbling!  To think that today we are over 100% funded for our first year is incredible. We have our tickets purchased and will be leaving OKC on December 9th and arriving in Krakow, Poland on December 10th.


A huge thank you to the Hyde family and the Allred family! They hosted our family these past weeks.  To have a fun, familiar, and friendly environment to call a home is an incredible relief during a long time of transition.  God has used you guys in awesome ways!  Also, a huge thanks to the churches that have hosted us!  Without your willingness to open your church homes, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


We still have 21 days left, and we begin our travel back to Oklahoma on Wednesday.  We will be making a pit stop in College Station visiting the Green family church, then off to one of my best friend’s wedding in Corinth, and then off to Oklahoma where we are still hoping to line up a few speaking arrangements.


We are very weary from the travel since July 17th, putting almost 10,000 miles on my parent’s car (that was just since October 2nd!), and sleeping in over 5 states and over 15 beds!  But God gives us strength to continue, and we know we will be home soon.


Please pray for us!  We need $6,000 for Loralie and Jack to attend an English friendly, Bi-lingual Polish pre-school for our first year on the field.  We have found a local school that will take both Loralie and Jack, provide meals, education, and a social environment for our kids.  It is not just Michelle and I who are entering the mission field.  Jack and Loralie will be able to engage the Polish culture more quickly, and open up ministry opportunities for Michelle and I at the same time!  If you feel led to give to this opportunity, please let us know!  Here is a link to the school’s webpage:


Please continue to pray for us as we–

…complete our travels stateside and return to Poland.

…seek to complete our funding for year two.

…take our children for another 21 days of travel before reaching a time of consistency.

…prepare to return to Poland.  Opening our hearts


Please keep our family in your prayers.  We seek to please God in all we do.  To God the glory is due! We sincerely praise God for you and your prayers, which have been immensely felt these months of travel and chaos. We take every chance to praise God, to thank Him for His goodness. We are able to ask forgiveness of each other daily, learn from our children how simple life really should and can be.


We pray for you as your Holiday season begins that you keep remember His promises, you praise Him for all of the wonderful things He has provided. May He change your world too!!


Please respond to this email if you have anything that we can keep you in our prayers for.