Chapter 14: Renewed, Refocused, Returning

But I’ll kneel down,
Wait for now
And I’ll kneel down,
Know my ground

And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you

“I Will Wait”

-Mumford and Sons

There is only so much we can do in life.  Sometimes, the only thing we can do is take to our knees, and wait for the Lord.  I didn’t take a usual start to my family’s monthly newsletter, because there is nothing usual about our life.  We quit our jobs, left our home, and followed the call of God.  Nothing normal about traveling half way around the globe to raise our children, in a country that doesn’t have English as the primary language, to live off the generosity of others; fully trusting God to be our provider.

It is amazing.  We are traveling around the States sharing our story with anyone that God puts in our path.  To many happenings to be coincidence, too many provisions to be my doing.

God is amazing.

We arrived back in the States on July 17th with no church’s set in stone or lined up.  Sure I have been in contact with potential arrangements, and many close, but none were official.  We now have 11 officially set in stone and another 8+ very close to being arranged.  They should be official by the end of this month!

When we first felt the call of God to Poland, we knew that our lives would never be the same.  Pre-call, this would be the most stressful moment of my life.  No job, no income, no “plan” (in quotes because the plan is to follow the doors that God opens for us), no guarantee.  But my priorities have shifted, my family’s priorities have shifted.  My family’s focus is to pursue God’s movement, with an unquestioning obedience.  The faster our answer of yes, the more committed and faithful we are.  The only no, is no problem.

I started to write down all of our prayer requests that have been answered since we first embarked on this journey….I thought that I would change this to since our last newsletter, since you wouldn’t have the time to read them all! Praise the Lord!

Praise Report!

God’s peace has comforted us during our time of transition from Poland to Portland.  We have had many church’s commit to official times.  God is using people around us as sources of encouragement and confirmation!  We have  been contacted by a potential volunteer!   Our personal finances are being met to this point, Praise God!  We have had donations come from unexpected sources, God is showing off!  A faith based coffee shop opened up just down the street from Michelle’s parents house (just so happens to be run in the same model as Sweet Surrender, a church with a coffee shop….and they are going to let me get some bar time in so I don’t get too rusty!)!   Sweet Surrender Krakow is functioning very well in our absence, God is getting things done and helping establish leadership in the shop!  We should have housing in every location we are going to be in…almost completely provided free of charge!  Lynn Church of the Nazarene was a wonderfully hospitable church, we know God has great things in store for this community!

This is just the tip of the ice berg of God’s provision.  HE truly moves in ways we cannot see, and when we do we are awe struck at the beauty of it all.

Please keep us in your prayers for…

…continued peace, patience, and trust in God

…us to be a presence wherever we are

…personal financial provision

…fund raising provision

…our staff and church family back in Krakow, Poland

…future volunteers.  That we would be able to make connections while here Stateside

…the vision, mission, and presence of Sweet Surrender

…our family as we travel, speak, and experience life on the road and in a near constant state of transition

We are so thankful for your presence in our family’s life.  We pray that God’s blessing would be on you and yours.  May we learn to fully surrender our lives to God, embracing the call He has placed on each of our lives.  We are all called, and that calling is different for each one of us.  May we pursue Him passionately, not allowing anything or anyone to come in-between us.  If you are in need of prayer, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to pray for you.